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Conflict Resolution & Conflict Management

Concerned about conflict or “drama” between employees or groups in your organization? Some business owners and managers fear that they do not have the adequate tools to properly resolve emotional issues in the workplace. Personality conflicts can often lead to a dire discomfort for the entire staff and can cause people (even the owners and management) to avoid rather than seek to solve these issues. This happens in most organizations, so you are not alone! However, it does not have to continue. These issues can be handled professionally and with compassion for each party with a win-win focus and outcome. Let HR & Associates help you resolve these issues amicably without creating more problems, as some business owners and managers fear.


Conflict resolution is conceptualized as the method and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution. Through the use of Conflict Management, HR & Associates helps group members to resolve group conflicts by allowing them to actively communicate information about their conflicting motives or ideologies to the rest of the group, and by engaging in collective negotiations with a structured and encouraging third party. Our approach is powerful. Using a combination of Human Resources Management tools and Psychology, we implement various proven techniques for conflict resolution that bring about the best possible outcomes. HR & Associates embraces the concept that limiting the negative aspects of conflict, while increasing the positive aspects of conflict, are key in resolving disputes or personality conflicts permanently.


HR & Associates focuses on root causes. When HR & Associations is retained to resolve conflict in the workplace, we see enhanced learning and excellent group outcomes, including increased effectiveness and performance. Properly-managed conflict by the right consultant also greatly improves morale in the organization and addresses long-term issues between individuals or groups that have plagued the once-healthy workplace dynamics. If you feel it is time to stop trying to resolve the conflict yourself, get to the root cause, and solve it permanently, we can assist!

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