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Customer Service Trainning

Providing exceptionally good customer service is critical for any organization, whether in the public or private sector. Organizations should strive to ensure that front-line staff are courteous, responsive, and competent. When high levels of customer service are achieved, clients’ needs are met in an efficient and timely manner, resulting in a positive impression of the staff and the organization. Potential dissatisfaction and conflicts are minimized, allowing the organization to focus on other important goals and objectives.


Many organizations, however, are hindered by poor customer service practices or a lack of a customer service orientation. HR & Associates provides customer service training and assessments to organizations desiring to improve this critical aspect of your agency or business. Trainings are provided to both groups and individuals. HR & Associates customer service assessments involve an evaluation of the organization’s staffing, training of new employees, and escalation protocol, as well as the methods which are employed to provide information and services to ensure that these meet current industry standards including effective use of web-based interfaces and social media.

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