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Process Improvements

HR & Associates can review your organization’s regular processes and procedures in comparison with state of the industry practices to identify areas that are working well and those that need improvement. For public sector clients, this often involves a review of the development application review process or the permitting processes. The scope of the review is tailored to the client’s individual needs, and most often consists of a comprehensive review of all departmental functions:Planning application processing, CEQA review procedures, Building Permit applications, Code Compliance, and Public Counter services including the ease of obtaining Planning and Zoning information online. Similar services are available for other municipal functions such as Public Works encroachment permit processing and requests for service, Parks and Recreation facility rental reservations, and business license applications and renewals.


Our Process Improvements Reviews involve working closely with management and line staff to get a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment upon which the department’s processes are based as well as the service level expectations of applicants and other stakeholders. Following an analysis of the various process flows and typical time-lines, HR &Associates will summarize our conclusions and recommendations in a report and set forth a roadmap for recommended improvements along with are commended implementation schedule. We follow a similar process for private sector clients whose business relies in part on exceptional customer service. We can review the processes in your firm’s day to day operations, as well as the roles of your employees in these processes, and then identify opportunities for increased efficiency or improved levels of customer service.

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