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HR & Associates can assist organizations with the development of a strategic plan or with the assessment and improvement of an existing strategic plan. HR & Associates also provides assistance to individual departments in developing, refining, and tracking progress on departmental work programs.


Having a well-defined strategic plan is crucial for each organization. A strategic plan should include and be based on the organization’s mission or vision statement, with key goals, objectives, and implementing actions identified and communicated to the group. These goals, objectives and actions or initiatives should all tie back to the mission statement. The plan should reflect the organization’s core values and also be responsive to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the organization. Plan development should keep in mind current fiscal and legislative trends, organizational capacity, customer expectations, and financial and staffing needs. This helps accomplish the objectives and the actions needed to implement the plan.

Developing a strategic plan that can be successfully put into place requires careful consideration of the financial and staffing resources, as well as realistic timelines and expectations. Prioritization of the plan’s objectives and implementing actions is a must, and this is often the largest challenge in developing a strategic plan. Once a strategic plan has been developed or refined, the methodology for implementing the plan and tracking progress on the plan needs to be clearly identified.

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